Saturday, April 9, 2011



"Hello again friend of a friend
I knew you well"

Half-conscious, he reach for the phone and turn the alarm off. He open his eyes and look at the schedule for today, now today is going to be a long day his head whispered inside. Lectures and assignments to submit with the ever-closer deadline. Last minute work is his speciality. Other people would call it laziness but his world have conflicting view.

Sat up with his eyes closed, forcing his feet to move towards the bathroom and have a nice warm shower. All fresh, he put on his best formal attire. White shirt, black slack, brown belt and maroon tie. It has always been his favorite formal wear. He got a feeling today is going to end well. He's not entirely wrong on that. He made a coffee to kick off the day and prepare to face the daunting outside world.


The sky is filled with clouds hence giving the day a shade. The sun is peeking behind the clouds, unable to lit the day with ferocious Farenheit. The wind blows mild, what a perfect day.

As he made his way to class, he knows what the lecturer will be rambling about. The assignment that would be due in the next two days. It carry 30% of final exam marks, so it's a big deal. He doesn't sweat it though, there only some minor tweaks to do and he's prepare to submit it.


Lunch break. He's craving for some chocolate from a coffee shop so off he went to the nearest mall. It was a bitch getting to that mall. Traffic jams, bad drivers, crossing pedestrians that seems want to commit suicide and don't even mention about the parking. Took him nearly 30 minutes just to find one, and even that is far away from the entrance of the mall.

He steps inside the mall and felt the air-conditioner on his head, that feels good. He take the elevator the next level and there it is, the coffee shop. But when he saw the lines.. it was long. But he doesn't mind, he wanted that chocolate so bad. As he queue up and nearing the counter, along came a woman who just cut in front of him.

"Hey, apa niii?" said the guy who is clearly pissed after queuing up for quite a long time.

The woman look at his face and just smirks. Oh, such arrogance. But he doesn't want to create a scene and just play it cool. After he had done buying the chocs he craved, he went looking for that woman. There's something about her.


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