Monday, April 11, 2011

HIMSB Part Deux


No signs of her. Where could she have gone to? It has been almost an hour of searching but to no avail. Her brown faux leather jacket really stands out but there's not even a glimpse of that. Back at the coffee shop, she seemed to have something dangling around her neck. A student ID, perhaps. Maybe she's enrolling at the same university. He'd try his luck. But first, Measurement 1023 is waiting at the university.

Off he went to his car, start the engine, turn on the radio to full blast of Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea.


He's trying to focus in the class but he can't take his mind off that girl. There's really something about her, even if she smirks and abruptly cut the line. She's probably very rebellious.

Number, numbers. It's all numbers. Calculate this, calculate that. Just for the cost of staircase, you have to calculate the concrete, the mixer, the worker. It's enough to make one crazy with all this numbers flying around.
"Hold on, just half an hour left" he tries to assure himself.


With new assignments on hand, he stepped out of the class with an exhausted face. There's a small courtyard just outside the class, trees are planted around it, and it give the place a shade. There's benches around, and he walked towards his favourite spot. There's one problem, there's someone else sitting there.

And it's the girl in brown faux leather jacket.

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