Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HIMSB The Truth

78, the number of the green bus that operates the Basford-City center route stops at Broadmarsh. Is he late? He's just finished a basketball training session and he texted Mai.

"Wei korg kt mana?" sends to Mai, he doesn't really get along with her.

His bulky Motorola phone rings. "Dekat Greggs" Mai replied. As soon as he utter what Mai had sent, he ran. As he arrived there, he finds himself separated. He don't get along well. But where is she? He had only come because he said he will try his best the day before. He doesn't know anyone else in Leeds except for her.

He notices her but he's shy, which sounds quite absurd. He's shy? It's hard to believe but he is. He tried to make small talk with the people but it's not going on well. As he wandered alone, she approached him.

I don't remember the exact conversation but they clicked. The chemistry, it can't be denied. She doesn't really get along with strangers, this is the first time they had met, it was only on MSN they had talk but she just can't stop talking. As they stopped at a shop, her current boyfriend approached him and said

"Wei tu awek aku do," the boyfriend is jealous, it was clear in his voice. F defended himself by saying that they're just talking. Ironically, F and the boyfriend became quite tight over the years, but the last few years has seen them dissapeared from each other's radar.

He continued to talk to her. As they walked in the bus station, his shoelaces became untied. Shoot. He looks up and the girl was waiting for him. It was courtesy, so she said. And it was this little act, that sums up the coming years.

And that ladies and gentleman, was HIMSB, the truth.


Their lifestyle, it's different. He realises this. And he's well aware of her flaws, be it insecurities or that she's mengada (is this a flaw? I don't think it is) he's all ready to accept it. He's here to stay. No promises, but he'll let his action talk.

"I still has many flaws in the term of the right path, but I will continue to try to improve on that and I'll try to my best to make sure I'll guide you towards the right path.

I've been out of this for so long, I forgotten how it felt. You're not the only one who's scared. But I'm positive, I sincerely want you, I've thought about it long enough and I'm willing to take my chances."


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