Sunday, May 15, 2011

The war has ended

And we've won. Our 19th title.

"What I want? I want to knock Liverpool off their fucking perch"

That's what Sir Alex Ferguson said when he won the first title, way back in 1993. And knock Liverpool off their fucking perch he did. The game last night epitomized Man Utd's season. We've struggled this season, no lying about that but we always managed to pulled it off. Thank you, Man Utd, this title means a lot to your fans.

It is all thanks to you, Sir Alex Ferguson. You inherited Man Utd from Ron Atkinson when the Red Devils were languishing at the bottom end of the table, second from bottom to be exact. Relegation scraps were traded for medals, records after records shattered. If you win the UEFA Champions League final, you can go out with a bang. You've laid the foundation, now over to the next generation to grasp the opportunity.

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