Monday, April 25, 2011



"Depan rumah," he texted to S.

"Oh jap, 5 mins," she replied.


She emerges from her front door. It's that brown faux leather jacket again. She carries a light bag with her, probably fill with sandwiches for the trip. She waves towards him and he reply it back enthusiastically. The sunlight shines on her, she seem sparkling, but not like Edward Cullen.

"Hi, morning!" F said as he greets her. She look at him and replied "Hi, good morning to you too! I ada pack some sanwich sikit ni, later dalam kereta boleh la makan,".

"Oh, thanks,"he said while he opens the door for her. Who says chivalry is dead?

There's Airil and his girlfriend, Wafaa at the front seat. He introduces S to them and they drove off in Airil's white Civic, it's his pride and joy. It's noisy and vibrates but it sure does go fast.

"Hey, I get carsick easily. I usually tidur dalam kereta. So uh, if I tak tahan I just tidur allright?" S said as she looks at F.

"Oh yeah sure, just tidur I kejut you bila dah sampai," and that was the last words she hear before she naps away.

The journey to Lake Taupo has been very scenic, the place is fill to brimmed with yellow leaves, it's nearing summer now. A pity she couldn't see all this.


"Hey, bangun lah. We're here," he gives her a pat on the shoulder as she still didn't wake up. "Heih, tidur mati rupanya dia ni, hey banguuuuun," he's near the point of screaming and it did the job. She wakes up feeling startled and then, there it is. The most beautiful view surrounds her. It's scenic, just like picture on postcards. Trees with yellow leaves surrounds the place, with the lake's water so clear you can see your reflection. It really is a thing of beauty, and only He can make such a beautiful place. The sunshine is just perfect, with clouds surrounding the sky. There's no better day to go to Lake Taupo.

They set up the picnic area and put the food they had brought onto the park table. There's so many choices. They have light breakfast, finishes it and put the stuff back into the trunk, deciding to have a walk there. Airil and Wafaa is already long gone then, no sight of them.


As they walk, they talk about what they have in common such as their favorite songs and also they both supported Man Utd, which in his view is a bonus point. There's a park bench, shaded by a tree and they decided to sit there. The talk has gotten deeper and now he's telling about his ex's, his heartbroken stories.

At first, she hesitated to tell hers. It wasn't in her nature to open up to people, but she feels very comfortable around him and told hers in great detail which only her best friend knows. His honesty in telling his stories, she felt it too. Maybe that's why she feels obligated to tell her story as well.

He feels that he's falling for her. It's like he had known her all his life. Where had she been all this time? Okay, that sounds like a cheesy pick up line only corny guy use.

And then, he felt it. He knows that this girl is very special. And he had known her for 7 years. And now he wants to make S, his. He wants to be the one who she could let it all out, to vent her frustration and anger. And for her to share her every thoughts, be it sad or happy thoughts.
He's here to listen to all her ramblings and complaints, her problems and he'll try his best to solve it, be it personal or academic (even if I know nothing, encik Google ada). He wants to be the one who cheer her up on her bad day and lift her spirit. He wants to be her saviour, let me be the one who closes her wounds and make her forget the past.

So SB, will you allow me be the one to fill the void in your heart, the one that has been shattered to pieces? I want this, I want you to be mine.

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