Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The downfall

I used to be the kid with the bright future. And to this day, I still believe in that. But being me, I didn't work hard for that to happen. I haven't live up to the hype, yet. There is still time to change. And hence come one of the biggest decision in my life, quitting Micet. I haven't delivered the results that would have been expected of me since SAT's. SPM was a major dissapoinment, so was UniKL MICET. I still live in hoping that the kid in me would somehow pop up again, not having to study but still gaining excellent result. Well, those days are over. I would have to work hard from now on, to realise the potential. 

Both of my parents are lecturer with Ph.D and I must not dissapoint them. Melaka proved to be a disaster and I only have myself to blame. The dreams to invent things to help the environment and people, to produce car running on water, well all of them remain dreams since I'm not pursuing chemical engineering anymore. Chemical engineer, heh. My ambition since Miss Lim said I would have no trouble getting A1 for Chemistry. Look how that turned out.

I used to blame my parents for me not achieving what I had really wanted. In the UK, I was in the High Achievers and well on target for what I used to want to be, architecture. And they decided I need to sit for SPM and thus the journey to Malaysia alone and living with my grandparents. I have always said that if only I have stayed in the UK, I would be in University of Nottingham (hahaha) doing what I do best, architecture. Upon returning to Malaysia, the interest just went up in smoke, I wasn't interested anymore.

My mum made the decision to go to UniKL MICET, but now I'm going to take control of my future. Now all that is left is hardwork. I'm nervous but excited for the future.