Saturday, June 13, 2009


So Cristiano Ronaldo is finally leaving for £80 million. I can't say I didn't expect this. Well, this would be the perfect time for him to go, thanks for the wonderful goals, creative assists and great skills. I remember watching his first game which was against Bolton, he came as a sub, with the famous number 7 etch on his back. The replacement for Beckham, the 18-years old wonderkid. He skipped past defenders easily and make them feel silly, he dazzles on his debut. I had goosebumps. A truly worthy number 7 after George Best and Eric "King" Cantona. Perhaps the best Man Utd player in history. He already confirmed his status as a Man Utd legend. Good luck at the Bernabeu, you'll be missed.

So who's going to replace the World Player of the Year? I'm thinking Nani, Tosic, Ribery, Antonio Valencia, Aaron Lennon, Danny Welbeck, KHYRIL MUHYMEEN ZAMBRI!


muhammad fakhri said...

ada mase nanti jumpa g
do ur best where ever you are,ok

jijan said...

bro..gila la bro... adab ko same ngn aku buat kt bmi..hahahhaa... lek2 lu..gila, lecture cam haram xphm..hahhaa... caya la bro