Thursday, October 16, 2008

What have you done?

Staring, he is staring at you with tears filled in his eyes. Why? How could you done it? His heart shattered, his fragile heart. He feels the whole world is against him, he is as good as dead. Life means nothing, without you he is miserable at best. The longest second in his life passed, he thinks about all the words that was left unsaid, about the things that has yet to be done. All those promises, in the end they are just words, empty promises. You shouldn't have left him hanging, by the thinnest thread, making false hopes. You know the consequences, yet you said the harshest word that any lover can. You leave him. His worst fear is unraveling right before his eyes. He chases after you but to no avail, your words kills his step. He stares at the empty night sky, no stars are visible. Rain started to pour, as if Mother Nature trying to comfort him. He lied down, heads down. Trying to figure out what went wrong, it seems it was perfect. Your warm body, he feels it was just yesterday he played with your hair, secretly adoring your smell, but it was obvious to you. All those hugs, kisses, fights, late-night calls, cuddles, i love you's. The memories, it meant nothing to you? His heart was yours for the taking, he would take a bullet for you. He can't imagine his life without you, but yet, what done is done. He needs to move on. Yes he do.

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