Thursday, October 16, 2008


He saw her from the corner of his eyes, he immediately turn right, facing towards her. His heart racing, is this love? He knows he would never be able to have her, he's trying to swallow the bitterness of reality. Her heart belongs to someone else, someone better than him. Better looking, better with words, a sweetheart. He can never compete with this guy. But deep inside, he's still hoping, one day, her heart would be his. Even if it takes years. He imagines that he would spend his life with her. Watch the sunset by the beach side, make love by the fire, have children together and lay side to side when Death comes. But it all remains a dream, a dream that would have great difficulty coming true. The truth, he's scared of taking risks. He got scars all over his heart from previous love story. Only if someone would come, understand what he feels. He always treat his girlfriend like a princess, only to be paid like a slave, a commoner. Life's unfair, but surely not to this extent? He saw her laugh to the joke of other guy, her eyes shine at the sight of the guy. His ego can't take it, he tried to leave. But he can't, he wants to look at the girl until she dissapears from his own eyes on her own will, not by him walking away. She walks towards him, his heart beat faster and faster. Why, he's stuttering. He's nervous, he's fidgeting. He try to look normal, talk normal but inside, only God knows. He stares into her brown eyes, looking at this drop-dead gorgeous girl in front of him, what is she doing talking to him? She's like an angel, a breath of fresh air. If only he can say this words to her, if only..

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