Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal

Aku ingin mengulas untuk perlawanan malam ini. Diantara Red Devils dan Gunners. 3 tahun yang lepas, ini merupakan perlawanan yang susah untuk dipredict.

1. Adebayor vs Vidic
Tidak boleh disangkalkan Vidic adalah salah seorang defender terhebat dunia kini. Mungkin lagi hebat daripada Rio Ferdinand. Walaupun Vidic mengalami dip in form sejak kebelakangan ini, dia menunjukkan his old self sekarang. Walaupun bolos 2 gol lawan Spurs. Expect Adebayor to have a quiet evening on the pitch.

2. Evra vs Walcott
Wallcott is unpredictable, blessed with blistering pace but not the finishing ball. Evra might have a torrid evening at Old Trafford but I''m counting on his experience to contain Walcott.

3. Clichy vs Ronaldo
Why do I even bother to write about this? Okay, so Ronaldo does Houdini when he is needed most, but he's maturing and Clichy is going to be like a dummy against Ronaldo trickery.

4. Fabregas vs Scholes
Old-timer Scholes has been the best passer around, an eye for the killer pass, but that indeed is what Fabregas is. Fabregas is the core of Arsenal's team and he's only 2o years old but the experience of 27 years old. He might not be Patrick Vieira but he will step up. Fabregas will be dissapointed by his team-mates.

5. Rooney vs Kolo Toure
The older Toure will need to be at his best against Wazza, as he witnessed then 16 years old Rooney end Arsenal's unbeaten record with a curling shot past David Seaman. Hot-tempered at times but he had learned to cool it, Rooney will be all over the pitch, roaring the team ahead.

Okay, mungkin aku bias. Tapi, inilah hakikatnya. Final score? Man Utd 2 - 0 Arsenal.

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