Friday, January 30, 2009


Watching Gossip Girl, made me realise how I miss being in a relationship. It's just like watching the OC all over again. Is it bad when your last ex already dated 4 times and you have.. none except for the occasional flirts. A friend said that us SAAS-ian are very choosy. It's not that I'm choosy, there aren't any to choose from here. There's no that "wow" feeling when I look at someone, the last I felt towards the last ex when I first saw her, when I falled for her the first time I saw her. Maybe I did felt like that again, but with current situation, it's heading nowhere.
I miss cuddling, the late night calls, the sneaking out in the middle of the night to see each other, wake-up call, Good Morning/Night texts and the drama.
The drama was too much too handle the last time. I was stuck and blind and fiercely loyal. Only to be betrayed again and again. Maybe I can't compete with the Manhattan elite's but it will really give them a run for their money.
Ah, ramblings. Perfect song for current situation;

Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best

It's literally translates how I felt ages ago.