Monday, December 1, 2008

Red Devils

What an event for Wayne Rooney to score his 100th goal of his career, against our fierce rivals, Man City. So much for the anticipated Robinho vs Ronaldo, with the latter getting sent off, which was harsh in my opinion. Tapi menang juga. It was a one-way traffic all the way except for the last 12 minutes when we're down to 10 men, managed to scrape through with the only goal by Wazza/Roonaldo.

This man is pure genius, latest album is the shizzle. And Fifty still groan that he's better? Hail King Kanye! Shizzle my nizzle.

Pardon the lame attempt trying to be Gangsta, yeah with a capital G and spelled Gangsta!

1 comment:

nana r said...

more like an attempt on being lame. dont talk "gangsta" no more. except "damn son". itu, i je boleh pki. =D