Saturday, August 2, 2008


Okay I know I have written in Malay in my previous entries but this time, I'd have to excuse myself. Been a long time since my update, but I don't really have visitors so really this is just like a diary. I'm already enrolled in UniKL Micet and has been for the past month. And goddamn it that people already created a drama involving me. I can't run away frm this, anywhere I go, there had to be conflict that makes me feel nauseous. Someone, let's just call him E, spread rumours that I said I can get this girl, the drop-dead-gorgeous girl of Micet, N, in 3 days. That's so fuck up, I had never been that low, as my close friends can judge and even people from my section find it hard to believe. And now the people of Micet, especially from the Eve kind, look at me from a bad angle, as if I see myself as the hottest guy in Micet, and that I can get any girls tht I want. I already talk about this to N and she seems okay about it, I hope. Now it feels akward to talk or see her, and i feel very dejected that I can't even face her anymore, even though I know I never utter those words. Now this conflict just got bigger and involve more people, I just want it to stop. I want my name cleared. That's it. This is university, not high school. Get a life bitches

Mutemath - Typical

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Shamim Hashim said...

lol. how crazy bitches with brain cn possibly be. :S lekla eh. :))