Thursday, April 14, 2011

HIMSB ; Part Three


She looks like she have a lot of things on her hand. Is that.. a book? And a sandwich? And now she's putting what seemed like notes in front of her. Her phone rings a cheesy tone, which indicates a text is waiting to be read. Suddenly, she stands up and walk hastily.. towards him. She doesn't seem to be focus on where she's going and is getting nearer when..

"Bam!" They collide. Her stuff was flung all over, and she seem to be mumbling, all he can make out is

"Sorry, sorry, sorry. Saya tak tengok mana saya pergi tadi and nak cepat ni". He helps to gather her notes and books and off she went. He notices a purple notebook and as he was shouting "Hey, awak tertinggal buku ni!" she was long out of sight. He opens the book which turns out to be a planner. He scanned the planner trying to find out where she was going. And there it states on October 18th on 1500, meeting at the infamous Riddet Building.


As he makes his way towards the Riddet Building, he realises that he is surrounded by blooming trees, and what a sight to behold. Spring, what a beautiful season, it is his favourite season after all. It is getting a little chilly, so he opened up his worn bag and take out his red hoodie. It was a birthday gift from his late grandfather from 2007, and he loves that red hoodie like no other apparel he owns.

The door opened and came out a group of people. He waits for 5 minutes and nearly give up when the girl emerge from the slightly open door. Her face seem red, she seem lost. Her face didn't try hard in trying to conceal that.

He approaches her and is mesmerized. Such flawless skin, she is really beautiful. She wears a hijab but that didn't stop her from glowing. She didn't seem to notice him coming, it was if she was in her little world. He opens his mouth trying to say something but it didn't come out. He's sweaty already, his heart beating faster. His finger start to fidget, he's trying to keep it together.

"Hey, awak terlupa buku ni," he said it as if it was a race, it was fast and the girl was startled, she seem confused at first, trying to figure out whether this guy in red hoodie is a stalker. He's everywhere she is! Then she noticed the purple notebook. It was her planner! She must have dropped it when they bumped into each other.

"Oh hey, thanks. Menggelabah sekejap saya tadi, ingat tinggal dekat rumah," there's a hint of relief in her voice.

"It's nothing. Awak ni clumsy lah, lain kali tengok kiri kanan dulu sebelum melintas okay," then he realises how lame that sound. Really? Tengok kiri kanan dulu sebelum melintas? Pfft.

"Oh by the way, saya F. Awaklah orang yang potong line tadi kan? Ganas juga eh awak ni!" the girl seem clueless, perhaps F is being too-friendly. They are strangers after all, he had never seen her before today.

She hesitates for a second. She's thinking whether to really introduces herself.

"Oh, hi F. I'm S," that's all she could muttered, a million scenes has played inside her mind on what to say, but that was all that could come out from her mouth. She's starting to fidget with the planner on her hand and stops when she noticed that he notices it.

He's trying to figure out what to say. She seems lika a cold person. Or perhaps the workload is taking it's toll on her, she seem to be deprive of sleep, her face couldn't lie.

"Oh okay then, nice to meet you, S," he could see no reaction, and as he start to walk away, S practically shouted "Eh, thanks tau planner I ni! You know what, I'll treat you to lunch tomorrow, amacam?"

"Eh tak payahlah susah-susah, saya just bagi planner je," F said, trying to hide that he's actually just pretending to insist on her offer.

"Eh no, I insist. Come on, awak free tak 2 petang esok? Gimme your digit then I'll text you," she exudes such confidence that she doesn't seem to possess just 5 minutes ago.

"Uh okay then, yes 2 petang saya free," F said.

They exchange their digit and part ways. F tries to steal one last glance just before he head home. The girl in brown faux leather jacket, she really is one of a kind.

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