Monday, December 22, 2008


This article really makes me think about continuing to study in Micet.


nana r said...

dont think about it anymore. know that all are laid out for u. i nk jd ustazah jap. semua benda terjadi for a reason. dan semua benda yg terjadi pasti ada hikmah sebaliknya. no need to ponder about the future. go with the flow. allah has plans for all of us. qada' & qadar kan. its all written. jgn dgr ckp natasha beddingfield tu. unwritten kepala hotak dia. written cukup!

but cool song though. :)

baru bgn tidur said...

dgr la nasihat ni ye fahim..

aku ni BOSAN BETUL bace belog.

fahim said...

nana - you promote lagu apa haha

bbt - saba jee haha

Huzai said...

Unfortunately, most of us succumb to pressure by parents and friends. "Kau nak kerja apa kalau kau ambik art & design???" will probably be asked if you tell them you're going to sign up for that course.

My parents even showed me people who earn a living by painting (those street artists at central market) at a young age to make the impression that art can take you nowhere. Sadly, kids will often parrot their parent's beliefs.

"Follow you heart and dreams" - ideals planted by the likes of Disney, only to be opposed and crushed by parents and the cruelty of the education system. So, what's done is done. Just like what *nana r* said: "know that all are laid out for you".

I'll just say live, and let live. :)