Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Time flies so fast. 2 more days and I'll be off from this place and back at Shah Alam. It's 3.43 am and I don't feel like sleeping while my room is quiet (except for Jaja's snoring, the unofficial roomate). Next sem, it's been decided that Sam, Joe, Jaja and of course myself would be roomates. Insyallah. I can't be bothered to write in Malay. It feels very akward but I do pride myself in trying because it's not that easy for me. Now I'm just writing what goes in my head. I'm looking forward to Hari Raya, balik Morib and kumpul duit raya, which I doubt will reach anywhere near RM300 (chyeah budak Universiti masih dapat duit raya).
I'll tell a random fact about myself. I can't stay with a group of friends for too long. I need variety in my life. No matter how much fun or exciting it is with them, I'd leave just like that. I don't knw why but I will feel rimas. Jangan terasa sesiapa please. But nasib baik I'm fine with brodo-brodo. Before that, I was with the Hallamak! people (a name invented by myself) and chyeah they provided a lot of entertainment and of course girls (!). And since I lepak with brodo-brodo that was very hard to come by. And the reason for I've been single for so long. Or perhaps I'm just too afraid to go serious again, let alone flirt because of what happened in the past, the scars is there, bleeding still. Okaay why am I talking about this?
Anyhow, let's be honest. How many days have I not fast? Certain. But not much. I'm not that religious and even people with first impression towards me can say that. And talking about that, I've been hearing what people say about me. Strangers to me. Those who doesn't know who I'm like. And I don't like it. FUCK YOU BITCHES! And of course mostly it's from the Eve section. Sorrylah if I'm too "elite" for you "kampung" people. There I said it. You people are too fucking close-minded. So fucking shallow how you think. Are you really that thick to judge someone by how they behave, what they wear, the way they talk. Allright so humans act like that but personally, it just us Malay. It's been going for generations, we can see people have it easy. I think most of you would agree except those who are against the buka 10% kuota UiTM untuk bukan bumiputera.
Malas nak berleter panjang. Byebye. Karang kontroversi, ISA tangkap aku kena tahan 2 tahun. Camne aku nak siapkan Diploma aku?

Coldplay - The Scientist

Why oh why do I not want to approach you? Fucking faggot.

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